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JPIS Co. Ltd. is a private company founded by Dr. June Sung Park to offer software training, consulting and development services. JPIS teaches and helps you to make digital transformation of your business fast and safe.

You can send emails to for any questions about our digital trasformation services, or if you are interested in discussing with us what customized services you should get to maximally improve the productivity, quality and value of the smart products and digital services you want to develop.

Understanding Cloud Services

Price: 1000,00 USD
- Understand that cloud is a synergetic aggregation of established technologies including process automation, virtualization, service-oriented architecture, ITIL, etc. - Understand the global ecosystem of cloud service industry where all cloud services--public. private, or embedded in smart devices--are connected via APIs. - Understand the multitenant architecture of SaaS which is necessary for vendors to generate profits. - Understand the value propositions, use cases, and effective implementation methods of enterprise SaaS. - Understand new capabilities of PaaS and IaaS that your business can exploit to improve agility, quality and TCO of your business and IT systems. - Understand effective strategy and road maps to adopt public and/or construct private cloud services for business operations and intelligence. - Send an email to for more information.

Understanding IoT-Enabled Digital Business

Price: 1000,00 USD
- Learn different types of use cases of IoT applications (along the IoT maturity levels, across business value chain, along the connectivity scope of IoT systems). - Learn reference architectures of IoT systems. - Learn reference process and methodologies for building IoT business models and systems. - Learn essential competencies for different types of IoT systems. - Send an email to for more information.