Improve the productivity of your mobile cloud application development by 10 times

JPIS Co. Ltd. is a private company founded by Dr. June Sung Park to offer software training, consulting and development services. JPIS teaches and helps you to build your mobile cloud applications with at least 10 times less efforts compared with conventional application development practices.

You can send emails to for any questions about our services, or if you are interested in discussing with us what customized services you should get to maximally improve the productivity, quality and value of the software you want to develop.

Domain-Driven Object & DB Design

Price: 2000,00 USD
- Learn business semantic modeling using UML Class Diagram (which is mechanically convertible to ER Diagram). - Learn the class responsibility assignment (using CRC cards) to generate a domain model that realizes a set of user stories. - Learn object design patterns and domain-driven design patterns to improve the domain model so that the object-oriented programs are better comprehensible and reusable. - Learn mapping persistable objects to database stores including relational DB, data warehouse and NoSQL data stores. - Hands-on exercise with Visual Paradigm (a global leading integrated modeling tool) and Mendix (a global leading high-productivity application platform as a service) to build and release a real-world mobile cloud app. - Send an email to for more information.

Business Process Design and Execution

Price: 2000,00 USD
- Learn business process modeling using BPMN 2.0--first at the conceptual level and then at the executable level. - Learn how to automate business process execution using BPM/SOA platforms. - Learn Business Process Reengineering (BPR) and Business Process Management (BPM) Patterns and Practices. - Learn how BPM should be applied in SaaS, AI/Analytics and IoT applications. - Hands-on exercise with BizAgi (a global leading BPM-based Low Code Development Platform) to build and release a real-time process automation app. - Send an email to for more information.

MSA/SOA Design and DevOps

Price: 2500,00 USD
- Learn service-oriented architecture principles and patterns. - Learn patterns of microservice architecture, suitable for web-scale SOA applications with rapid release cycle. - Learn how domain-driven object design and business process design should be applied to the design of MSA/SOA services and service compositions (via orchestration or choreography). - Learn how to operate DevOps teams, each in charge of a microservice covering a single bounded business context. - Hands-on exercise with Visual Paradigm (a global leading integrated modeling tool), Java, Vue.js, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Docker and Kubernetes to prototype a multitenant SaaS. - Send an email to for more information.