Domain-Driven Object & DB Design

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2000,00 USD

- Learn business semantic modeling using UML Class Diagram (which is mechanically convertible to ER Diagram). - Learn the class responsibility assignment (using CRC cards) to generate a domain model that realizes a set of user stories. - Learn object design patterns and domain-driven design patterns to improve the domain model so that the object-oriented programs are better comprehensible and reusable. - Learn mapping persistable objects to database stores including relational DB, data warehouse and NoSQL data stores. - Hands-on exercise with Visual Paradigm (a global leading integrated modeling tool) and Mendix (a global leading high-productivity application platform as a service) to build and release a real-world mobile cloud app. - Send an email to for more information.

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- 4-day instructor-led training course - $2000 per trainee; Contact us for team pricing. - Bring this training to your organization. - Delivered when, where and how we can maximize your learning effect - Tailored content to fit your unique needs - Blended learning models consisting of flipped learning, quizzes, hands-on exercises, capstone project, bring your own project, one-on-one mentoring - Experience full-stack, end-to-end app development and deployment based on domain models.