Understanding Cloud Services

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1000,00 USD

- Understand that cloud is a synergetic aggregation of established technologies including process automation, virtualization, service-oriented architecture, ITIL, etc. - Understand the global ecosystem of cloud service industry where all cloud services--public. private, or embedded in smart devices--are connected via APIs. - Understand the multitenant architecture of SaaS which is necessary for vendors to generate profits. - Understand the value propositions, use cases, and effective implementation methods of enterprise SaaS. - Understand new capabilities of PaaS and IaaS that your business can exploit to improve agility, quality and TCO of your business and IT systems. - Understand effective strategy and road maps to adopt public and/or construct private cloud services for business operations and intelligence. - Send an email to june@JP-Institute-of-Software.com for more information.

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- 2-day instructor-led training course - $1000 per trainee; Contact us for team pricing. - Bring this training to your organization. - Delivered when, where and how we can maximize your learning effect - Tailored content to fit your unique needs - Blended learning models consisting of reference models, case studies, demos, retrieval practice, bring your own strategic initiatives, one-on-one mentoring